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Private Swimming Lesson

Want to know the many benefits of enrolling in private swimming lesson? There are, in fact, a lot! Maybe you are planning to enrol your kid for a swimming lesson, which is a wise move on your part, by the way. You have the choice between a school class and a private lesson. Mind you, both options have their respective advantages and disadvantages. However, private lessons, by far, offers better benefits. Read on to know more about private swimming lesson here.

Private Swimming Lesson


·         Strokes  


With group classes, there is usually little or no time for instructors to provide each student with attention to teach extra lessons. In most cases, the primary focus is on basic and important survival water skills, which is the main purpose of the swimming lesson itself.  


With kids private lessons, since there is more than enough time to incorporate other skills and techniques. There is a good chance for instructors to also teach stroke improvement. The student has the advantage of receiving more detailed instruction and correction of techniques. In the process, your child will have better chances of developing his swimming ability, even for long distances. He may also learn different techniques on how to save his energy to avoid getting tired so easily, which may prove to a very handy lifesaving skill in the future.   


·         Practice Time 


Practice time is very critical in every swimming lesson. However, this can be affected with a few factors, like swimming ability and age of the student. With private lessons, there’s no issue with regards to the instructor giving special attention to a student with slow progress. Instead, the student receives exclusive attention, which will help speed up swimming development. As such, it is easier for the instructor to reach his goal, and that is for his student to finally learn how to swim confidently.    


·         Safety  


This is one of the primary concerns with regards to swimming lessons, especially if there are children involved. Every parent can’t help but worry about this, even with the best swimming instructor around. This is quite a challenge with group lessons. With private swimming lessons, you have the assurance that the student gets the only attention, which best guarantees safety. As such, you no longer have to be concerned about the instructor getting distracted with other students. Of course, with a qualified instructor and swimming school, issues like this are carefully thought of. But, you couldn’t be too lax when it comes to your child’s safety and well-being, could you? 


There are so many benefits one can get from private swimming lessons, may it be for children or adult. Though the fees for private lessons are a lot higher compared to group lessons, the rewards are more than worth it. With regards to choosing a swimming instructor and institution for your kids, select the one that follows a philosophy centred on children to guarantee your child’s safety. This should include natural and safe swimming developments. Want to know more? Visit our website for private swimming lesson.

Private Swimming lesson for kids and Adults are available in all swimming complexes and condominium pools in Singapore. You can choose your location, day and time. Contact us now for more information.

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