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SwimSafer Syllabus

SwimSafer Programme in Singapore

The new national water safety programme which has swimming lesson, known as SwimSafer Programme was introduced by the National Water Safety Council, mid 2010. Every stage involves giving the child a certificate indicating her or his individual achievement. They are awarded a badge upon the completion of each and every stage.  They also get a colored pin if they complete stage 4 to 6.  This is a programme in Singapore which basically demands swimming proficiency as well as water survival skills for the children. It was brought about by the fact that there are about 65% of drowning incidences in the rivers, seas and swimming pools.

SwimSafer Stage One

SwimSafer stage 1

The first stage is about the child gaining confidence while in the water. They should also develop independence; learn general skills in shallow and deep-end water safety. Some of the techniques taught are backward as well as forward movement, safe entry into the water, how to exit, and lastly introduction to personal water survival skills. This stage is very fundamental; if the child does not master this stage they cannot proceed.

SwimSafer Stage Two

SwimSafer stage 2

The second SwimSafer Programme Stage is about fundamental water skills; this is basically swimming. Some of the skills taught include step entry into water without any external assistance, sculling, feet-first dives, and water safety awareness in any water body as well as personal water safety skills. Your child should be confident enough to go to the deep end by this stage and float.

SwimSafer Stage Three

SwimSafer stage 3

The third SwimSafer Stage is about personal water survival as well as development of the swimming stroke skills. By now the child can move back and forth in the water without a definite stroke. The basic rescue skills should be taught in this stage. Your child should be able to demonstrate expertise in underwater skills, sculling as well as the use of a personal floatation device. They should also be encouraged to go 50 metres while swimming.

SwimSafer Stage Four

SwimSafer stage 4

In the fourth SwimSafer Bronze stage they are taught how to improve their swimming stroke skills as well as personal water survival. They should be able to perform different strokes and hold their breath well under water while swimming 100 metres. Some of the principles of water craft safety will also be introduced, the rescue techniques will continue as well as the personal water survival skills.

SwimSafer Stage Five

SwimSafer stage 5

The fifth SwimSafer Silver stage involves refining the swimming skills as well as the personal water survival skills. They should be able to perform all different strokes and swimming 200 metres in four different strokes.

SwimSafer Stage Six

SwimSafer stage 6

In the last stage also known as SwimSafer Gold requires your child to be able to swim 400 meters in four different strokes., have good rescue skills, water safety knowledge and diving skills.


This is not a military kind of training; it is meant to be fun and safe for the children. It should provide some basic skills for the children. As a parent, ensure you get a good trainer who understands the concepts of the programme. They have ample experience as an instructor, and teach the correct techniques to the children. You should also ensure the children are not pressured or frustrated; they should be allowed to learn at their own pace.

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