Are you looking for Swimming Lessons for your Children in Singapore?

Swimming Lessons at Bukit Panjang Swimming Lessons  

Bukit Pajang Swimming Lessons are taught by well experienced professional coaches. If you want to attend a lesson in this prestigious place go to 100 Bukit Panjang Road in Singapore. Here you shall have a chance in expressing your swimming skills and continue learning more. The complex has various facilities that they take pride in so as to provide top notch services to their customers.  

The facilities involve a swimming pool, an infinity pool with a Jacuzzi, and a children’s play ground with a water pool. The Jacuzzi shall have you relax with its water jets softly massaging you. The children can be kept at the place where they can play and relax in water. They can grow confident in their swimming abilities as they become accustomed to playing in water. 


Swimming Lessons 

Bukit Pajang offers swimming lessons to any interested person and who can avail themselves to their premises. If you are interested in a swimming class or even if you are a beginner or a lady, you can attend one. Take the initiative and also take your child to swim and play in this place. 

The lesson structure may be a group or private lesson depending on what you want. A group will learn from an instructor who is well versed in teaching different groups. Lesson curriculum will usually be structured according to the level of swimming students are. Beginners will always be taught how to start swimming with basic strokes. Lessons can always be; 

·         Swim safer where people are taught the basics such that they can swim without drowning or without any harm to themselves or anyone else. 

·         Life saving course where people at an advanced stage of swimming will take practical lessons on teaching people to swim. 



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Recent Testimonials
 "There is an Easy Way to Find Swimming Lessons for your children by Qualified, Experienced and Caring Swimming Teachers. Guiding Your children to Excel in Swimming."
- Satisfied Customer from Tampines, Wendy.
"My kids are taking swimming lessons at Pasir Ris Swimming Complex with Coach Doris for only 12 lessons and I was amazed that they are able to swim across the pool without any assistance. Thank you for introducing Coach Doris to us."
- Kelly Choo, parent of Kieth and Jenny from Tampines.
"Its so easy to find good swimming instructor in Singapore now. My children are learning swimming with Coach Benson at SengKang Swimming Complex from"
- Susan, parent of Johny and Jane from SengKang.
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