Are you looking for Swimming Lessons for your Children in Singapore?

Swimming Lessons at Clementi Swimming Complex  

Clementi Swimming Complex has seen many days since it was built and opened to the public in 15 August 1983. It was located at 520 Clementi Avenue 3 where it has operated for several years offering swimming facilities to the general public. Clementi Complex is a medium swimming complex compared to other swimming complexes around Singapore. 

It has several facilities which can be taken advantage of; especially the swimming pools which include: 

·         One competition pool: It is an Olympic pool size which is around 50m long by 25m wide which is used for competition purposes as well as practise. 

·         One teaching pool where students can learn to swim and get confident in water. Children shall be able to learn and get to wade through the water. 

·         One wading pool for practise and swimming. 


Swimming Pool Lessons 

There are people who have been able to learn how to swim from basics until they have attained a gold level. The swimming complex will offer swimming lessons that are compatible with the Singapore’s authorities awarding requirements. Swimming lessons offered can be given to the following persons. 

·         Children: Kids are offered swimming lessons to enhance their swim safer skills. It is also important to take your child for a swim to ensure he grows with a good tone of muscles. 

·         Adult: There are many swimming lessons for children who can swim or are just beginning. They can engage in nationally recognised swimming courses to ensure they are advance in their swimming lessons. 

·         Lady swimming lessons: If you are a lady, do not feel left out there are also swimming lessons for you. 


You can go shopping for your swimming costumes in the nearest mall Ginza Plaza around 0.8km from the pool. 



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 "There is an Easy Way to Find Swimming Lessons for your children by Qualified, Experienced and Caring Swimming Teachers. Guiding Your children to Excel in Swimming."
- Satisfied Customer from Tampines, Wendy.
"My kids are taking swimming lessons at Pasir Ris Swimming Complex with Coach Doris for only 12 lessons and I was amazed that they are able to swim across the pool without any assistance. Thank you for introducing Coach Doris to us."
- Kelly Choo, parent of Kieth and Jenny from Tampines.
"Its so easy to find good swimming instructor in Singapore now. My children are learning swimming with Coach Benson at SengKang Swimming Complex from"
- Susan, parent of Johny and Jane from SengKang.
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