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Swimming Lessons at Woodlands Swimming Complex  

Swimming Lessons at Tampines

Woodlands Swimming Complex can be located at 3 woodlands Street 13, Singapore and operates from Friday to Wednesday, and during public holidays from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. The swimming complex is endowed with the following facilities: 

·         Competition Pool: used basically for competitions, learning, and practise purposes. 

·         Teaching pool: It is used for learning purposes as well as practise by students. 

·         Wading pool: It is a pool used by children to get confident in water and learn how to swim and the swimming techniques available. 


Woodlands swimming complex has the following capacities: A seating capacity of 400 and a car capacity of 48 plus buses and Lorries have 5 spaces. 


Swimming Lessons 

There are various lessons offered from group to private lessons. Private lessons are offered to people with tight schedules and they cannot join a group class. There is also a children private lesson especially for Toddlers because they are not capable of learning on their own. They also have to get confident in water and it takes time. 

The classes are offered to children, adults, ladies, men, and senior citizens. They are expected to learn from the basics continue with the lessons until they reach the necessary certificate they want or until the highest. This shall require attendance of several classes in order to achieve a certificate and advance to the next. There are nationally recognised instructors certified to teach the course. 

You can also learn the following courses; open water swimsafer, competitive swimming, and life saving course. All this will have coaches who are certified to instruct and take you through swimming. You will learn the basics i.e. how to swim the various strokes and the advanced i.e. how to save others while swimming. 


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 "There is an Easy Way to Find Swimming Lessons for your children by Qualified, Experienced and Caring Swimming Teachers. Guiding Your children to Excel in Swimming."
- Satisfied Customer from Tampines, Wendy.
"My kids are taking swimming lessons at Pasir Ris Swimming Complex with Coach Doris for only 12 lessons and I was amazed that they are able to swim across the pool without any assistance. Thank you for introducing Coach Doris to us."
- Kelly Choo, parent of Kieth and Jenny from Tampines.
"Its so easy to find good swimming instructor in Singapore now. My children are learning swimming with Coach Benson at SengKang Swimming Complex from"
- Susan, parent of Johny and Jane from SengKang.
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